My family and I participated in an annual, weekend trip to build houses for the homeless families of Tijuana. From living in the mud with a tin roof to a small insulated home, the YWAM team plants the foundation for a new life for hardworking people and their families. Every year we built about 5 to 6 homes in 3 days with the hopes of changing the lives of very deserving people.  

Tijuana, Mexico                                                                     2007 - 2010


My senior year of High School a group of 15 students from Calvary Church of Santa Ana, including myself, traveled to a small island in the Philippines in hopes of providing food, medical attention, and shelter for the Boracay natives. During my two weeks there I assisted in the construction of a community center, prepared and served meals to hungry families and gave medical attention to those in need. The smiles of the children I met there will have a place in my heart forever and hopefully our service and support will have a place in theirs. 

Boracay Island, The Philippines                                           2009

There is nothing more rewarding than supporting young girls facing the daily struggles of school, family and change. I was given the opportunity to be a mentor for 11 to 13 year old girls  - to pray for them, laugh with them and be a solid shoulder to lean on. These days, my girls are growing fast, graduating high school and I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives. 

Jr. High Volunteer Staff                                                        2007 - 2009